Governing Board

The TARS Foundation is under Linux Foundation umbrella. Its Governing Board of Directors is comprised of senior leaders from across the IT industry. Board members represent TARS Foundation members and the TARS developer community, and set the strategic direction for the organization.

Mark Shan
Board Chair of TARS Foundation
More than ten years experience in large-scale Internet research and development, operation and management of the Internet, has served in Baidu, Sina and Tencent. Responsible for the company's operating system, application security, global load balancing platform, messaging middleware, public login, process system, operating platform, operational planning, resources and budget management. Recently, he is committed to open source and open source ecosystem construction. He is responsible for the development of TARS open source technology and community. He has promoted Tencent's ten-year microservice architecture system to open source, and developed TARS into Multi-language microservice development frameworks, such as C++, Java, Go, Node.js, PHP, Python, .Net Core, etc., and also contributed TARS into the Linux Foundation.
Jim Xu
Principal Engineer at Zenlayer
Jim Xu is a principal Engineer at Zenlayer. Zenlayer is an innovative company in the Edge Cloud business. Before joining Zenlayer, he was a Tech Leader in Cisco’s flagship products, a Principal Engineer at Futurewei Technologies enterprise Networking and Edge Computing products. He also partnered with several companies before, on the Edge Computing IoT and on Decentralized Cloud. He has been granted over 20 US and international patents. He was actively involved in early DPDK and ODL projects, and advocated Edge Infrastructure, Distributed Storage, Hyperledger technologies across with other partners.
Frank Zou
VP, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm Inc
Frank Zou serves as the Vice President of Arm's Infrastructure Line of Business. He is mainly responsible for Arm's infrastructure market, business and ecosystem development in the Chinese market. He leads the team to continuously innovate Arm IP products and solutions to meet the needs of the Chinese market from cloud data centers to the edge infrastructures.